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Create subscription
Good to know: Creating a subscription is restricted to Admins.
When your account is created you will automatically be signed up for the Starter Mattermix plan, which includes 20 exports per month. However, if your subscription gets removed for any reason you can always go to the Subscription tab in the Account dashboard and create a new one.
First, select the subscription type from the dropdown and click the Create button. This action will create a new payment intent within Stripe and trigger a payment modal to open. Enter your payment information and click on the Subscribe button.
Create a new Mattermix subscription
After a successful payment, you should see an Active subscription. If your subscription is Incomplete, you can click on the Manage button. This action will redirect you to the Stripe Client Portal where you can complete payment.
Complete unpaid payments from the Stripe Customer Portal
Pay an unpaid invoice with Stripe
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