Zapier makes it simple to connect the apps you already use so they can work together and automate tasks. For example, you can connect Google Sheets or Airtable to Mattermix and create new images when a record is created or updated. Zapier supports over 3,000 apps, so the possibilities to automate your workflows are endless!
If it's your first time using Zapier be sure to check out the Zapier Help Center or follow our video tutorial: Automate image creation with Zapier.

Connect Mattermix with Zapier

  • Head to your App integrations
  • Click Add connection
  • Search for Mattermix and select
  • Fill out the form with your API key and subdomain
  • Click Yes, Continue

Action: Create Image

Good to know: The Zapier integration only supports updating image source and text values in Templates.
The Create Image Action will create a new image with the Mattermix API.

Select Template

Select a Template from the dropdown menu.
Select a Template from the dropdown
Once selected, you will see new fields load that will represent all the Components in a Template that can be updated. The Component ID will be visible at the top of each field group. You can use this ID to identify the Component in your Template by selecting the Component in the Editor and viewing the ID at the top of the Toolbar.
Componet fields load after Template is selected

Map values to Components

Once the Component fields are loaded, you can map values from previous steps in your Zap. Not all fields need a value mapped to them. If a field is blank it will use the default value from the Template.
Map values from previous steps in Zap to Component values in Template

Test action

Once you've mapped values to the fields you want to update, click Continue. You will now be prompted to test the Action. If the request is successful you will see a response similar to the following:
status: success,
data: {
newExport: {
url: '',
tenant: '6156778fc5780bfd16578123',
_id: '61a93171cc1b7b8730b8b334',
createdAt: '2021-12-02T20:49:53.827Z',
updatedAt: '2021-12-02T20:49:53.827Z',
id: '61a93171cc1b7b8730b8b334'
These values will be available in the following Zap steps to further complete your workflow. For example, you can use the URL returned from the Mattermix API in an Action to update a record in Airtable.
Image URL returned from Mattermix API is used to update record in Airtable
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